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T-Formation Playbook

T-Formation Playbook

I created and used this Playbook in 1995 with a team of about 26 Players of which all but one never played a single football game and about 70% never even practiced football until about 3-4 month before the season - most of them didn't even know the basic rules.

In the preseason (about 14 weeks) we had only 2-3 practices a week with a pratice attendance of an average of about 16-18 players at a max.

At the time of playbook planning I didn't have any player with any experience who could throw the football farther than 25 yards.

Considering all this, I had to come up with a simple to learn but still for the opponent difficult to defend offense. So I had enough time to teach the basic fundamentals of the game.

Including a win in the preseason vs an opponent, who was the the runner up of the championship the previous year, we went a respectful 3-3-1 season.


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Number of pages: 101
Number of plays: 84
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  • Dozends of coaches were already successful using these T-Formation plays.
  • The plays are simple and yet so effective. You can introduce them immediately at your next practice.
  • You will save time in various ways:
    • You don't have to create plays (usually it take hours to create an effective play on paper.
    • It takes even longer to create a consistent terminology (this is also already included in the T-Formation Playbook).
    • They come with full in-depth, explanation for each position.
    • Each play is on it's own page, so you can print  each play separately and photocopy it for player handouts. (No hassle of drawing up the plays yourself).
    • Everything is made for black-and-white printers, no expensive color-prints necessary.
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"... I have been coaching youth athletics for about 20 years and I have never seen this offense run... Now by looking at this play book I can see the potential success of this offense..."

Albert Vega
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Here is a sample play: T-Formation 28 Double Power: a left Halfback sweep over the right side with Fullback and right Halfback lead blocking.


If you click on the diagram you can see a small video of that play.

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